• New Research

    The End of Last Click

    An Examination of Attribution

    Published in March 2017, we take an extensive look at attribution methods and review which measurement tactics worked in 2016 and those that need to be updated in 2017. Get It Now
  • New Research

    The Relevancy Ring

    ESP Buyer's Guide 2017

    Our fourth annual ESP Buyer's Guide that evaluates seven vendors and includes the latest market trends.  Learn about how ESPs are shifting from Email Service Providers to Everychannel Service Providers.

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  • The Digital Magazine for Marketers

    The Marketer Quarterly

    4th Annual ESP Buyer's Guide

    Ikea talks about its American Dream campaign, and we explore how Campbell's Soup is using social media to promote a new line. We interview the CMO of eBay.

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  • New Adtech Research

    Programmatic Advertising

    What to Expect in 2017

    Published in February 2017, The Relevancy Group investigates Programmatic Advertising Trends and finds that confidence, adoption and budgets are increasing. Industry consolidation looms.

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  • Access to Answers

    The Relevancy Group Research Subscriber Series

    Original Research

    The Relevancy Group Research Subscriber Series provides an affordable way to purchase a subscription analyst access and a bundle of new market research reports. The 2017 Research Subscriber Series features 36 original reports across three coverage areas.

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  • New Value Based Research

    Exploring The Value of New Solutions

    First of its Kind Research

    First of its kind research on the value and strategy of Machine Learning for emotional personalization, the necessary tactic of Deep Linking and the lift from Competitive Intelligence.  All new sponsored research led by David Daniels and Nicholas Einstein.

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  • The Digital Magazine for Marketers

    The Marketer Quarterly

    The Best of 2016

    In our twelfth issue, The Marketer Quarterly reveals the second annual Email Marketing Awards, in which we highlight the best email of the year. We also interview Taco Bell's CMO, Cirque Du Soleil's Alma Derricks
    and document Wrangler's Push for Authenticity.

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  • All About Agencies

    The Relevancy Ring

    Email Agency Buyer's Guide - 2016

    We evaluate seven email marketing agencies which includes client interviews and measurable insight into experience and platform tenure. The research also documents email agency trends including how marketer's prioritize vendor selection.

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  • New Research

    The Future of Relevance

    Value of Precision People-Based Marketing

    The future of relevance that leverages past CRM and contextual targeting tactics to deliver true individual level targeting known as People-Based Marketing. 

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  • Team Driven Research

    The Relevancy Group

    Fueling Growth Through Knowledge

    Led by tenured industry analyst and marketer David Daniels, The Relevancy Group provides market research and advisory services. We provide research on Email+EveryChannel, Social, Attribution, Identity Marketing Management, Martech+AdTech and other emerging topics. All Analysts have at least 15 years of marketing experience, this tenured expertise delivers strategies to optimize a return on marketing investments. Meet The Team

Research & Advisory Services

The Relevancy Group (TRG) delivers a collection of research reports and advisory guidance including analyst access on any of these topics. Subscribe for a collection of research that transcends research roles to access a team of analysts with one interaction. See More...

Data Driven Sponsored Market Research

Multiple times per year The Relevancy Group (TRG) conducts numerous surveys with marketing executives and with consumers on subjects relating to marketing challenges, digital behaviors and preferences, and vendor satisfaction/rankings. See More...

Engaging Speaking Events

David Daniels, Nicholas Einstein and other members of The Relevancy Group team are seasoned public speakers, headlining across the United States and around the world, including Barcelona, London, Hemel Hempstead (Hertfordshire), Milan, and Stockholm ... See More...

  • We are very pleased with what David and The Relevancy Group have done to quantify our market, demonstrate a need and gave us fact based results to market with. Well done Relevancy Group!

    — Arthur Sweetser, CMO, eDataSource
  • David and The Relevancy Group's thoughts are always of great value.

    — David A. Steinberg, CEO & Founder, Zeta Global
  • The Relevancy Group has applied its expertise in the area of platform development, thought leadership and strategic positioning, keeping us at the forefront of the email marketing industry for years to come.

    — David Geller, CEO & Founder, Spryly Inc., Former CEO & Co-Founder of WhatCounts
  • The Relevancy Ring - ESP Buyer's Guide is the most comprehensive piece of research on our industry. David and his team have thoughtful and thorough advice and their deep knowledge of the marketplace is valuable.

    — Matt Seeley, President, Global Cross-Channel Marketing, Experian Marketing Suite
  • Email Marketing An Hour A Day is thought provoking, humorous and delivers value to marketers.

    — Scott Dorsey, Former Co-Founder and CEO of ExactTarget