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    State of The Union, 2016

    In issue 10, The Marketer Quarterly explores the State of the Marketing Union 2016. The issue features The Relevancy Group's latest research details trends in email, social and identity management, Hilton's Largest Marketing Campaign Ever, Papa Murphy's Redesign and more.

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  • Introducing

    The Relevancy Group Research Subscriber Series

    Original Research

    The Relevancy Group Research Subscriber Series provides an affordable way to purchase a subscription to a bundle of new market research reports. The 2016 Research Subscriber Series features 20 original reports across three coverage areas.

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  • New Research

    State of the Email Marketing Industry

    Tips to Optimize in 2016

    The research evaluates the state of the email marketing industry and explores email marketing utilization, data utilization, challenges and offer five quick tips to optimize mailings in 2016.

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  • New Research

    The Social Landscape

    The State of Social Marketing 2016

    The research evaluates the state of the social marketing industry and explores shifting ad spending with the rise of curated walled garden networks. Social mobile utilization is also examined.

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  • New Research

    The Relevancy Ring

    The ESP Buyer's Guide, 2016

    The research analyzes eight ESPs (Email Marketing Service Providers) that include: Acxiom Impact, Adobe Campaign, Epsilon Agility Harmony, Experian Marketing Services, Maropost, MessageGears, PostUp and Zeta Interactive.

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    The Marketer Quarterly

    Email Buyer's Guide, 2016

    In the issue, an excerpt from The Relevancy Ring - ESP Buyer's Guide 2016, The Weather Company talks about being acquired by IBM, and Space Coast Office of Tourism talks digital strategy. For the main feature, our editorial team rides alongside the CMO of California Pizza Kitchen and so much more on Coordinated Email: data, campaigns and content.  Also an infographic on history of ESPs.

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  • Research for Publishers

    Keys to Driving Growth for Publishers Through Extraordinary Email Marketing

    Those publishers who allocate resources on six key areas of focus will be well positioned to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that channel proliferation, and the current evolution towards distributed content, currently present.

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  • Team Driven Research

    The Relevancy Group

    Fueling Growth Through Knowledge

    Led by tenured industry analyst and marketer David Daniels, The Relevancy Group provides market research and advisory services. We provide research on Email+EveryChannel, Social, Attribution, Identity Marketing Management, Martech+AdTech and other emerging topics. All Analysts have at least 15 years of marketing experience, this tenured expertise delivers strategies to optimize a return on marketing investments. Meet The Team
  • Omnichannel Analytics Research


    As digital channels evolve and consumers continue to communicate with brands in new ways, email marketers, who have been driving enviable returns on marketing investments for over a decade, are doing more with less. This research investigates the impact that advanced analytics can have on today's marketing campaign.

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  • Featured Research


    According to the report, marketers that utilize real-time multichannel data generate nearly three times more revenue in their marketing programs than their peers that do not utilize real-time data. A classic collaboration of analysis and writing by The Relevancy Group CEO David Daniels and VP of Research, Nick Einstein provides proven tactics to optimize revenue.

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