• New Buyer's Guide

    The Relevancy Ring

    CDP Buyer's Guide 2019 Edition

    The Relevancy Ring - 2019 CDP Buyer's Guide 2019 examines market trends and in depth analysis of eight top CDPs including ActionIQ, Arm Treasure Data, Blueconic, IgnitionOne, Lytics, RedPoint, Tealium, and Zylotech. Learn More
  • New Buyer's Guide

    The Relevancy Ring

    ESP Buyer's Guide 2019 Enterprise Edition

    The Relevancy Ring - ESP Buyer's Guide 2019 examines market trends and in depth analysis of nine ESP including Adobe, Bluecore, Cheetah Digital, iPost, MessageGears, Sailthru, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Selligent Marketing Cloud and Zeta Global

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  • New Research

    Device Marketing

    IoT, AI and AR

    The Relevancy Group offers insight into device marketing, the adoption of IoT, AI, and AR. We review the consumer adoption of these technologies, showcase marketer adoption and use cases that detail the benefits of marketers using AI and AR.

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  • New Research

    How Consumers Buy

    Online Shopping Behaviors and Attitudes

    Published on 2/15/19, we investigate how consumers buy online.  It explores which channels motivates consumers to buy. According to analysis by the U.S. Commerce Department, online sales grew 15.5 percent through the first three quarters of 2018.

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  • Email Marketing Agency Partner

    Making the Case for an

    Email Marketing Agency Partner

    Published in January 2019, The Relevancy Group explores how email marketers are developing their marketing campaigns in-house and we investigate the benefits of utilizing an email marketing agency.

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  • The Best of 2018

    Spotlighting 2018

    Martech Innovators

    The Relevancy Group recognizes four vendors that stood out to us in 2018. The 2018 Martech Innovators are LiveRamp, MessageGears, OneSpot, and Return Path. 

    Learn More
  • The State of Personalization

    Which Industries

    Are Embracing Personalization?

    Across four industry insight reports, we detail the state of personalization in the B-to-B, ecommerce/Retail, Financial Services, and Travel/Hospitality industries. How do you measure up?

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  • The Most Exciting AI Innovations

    Artificial Intelligence

    Market Spotlight Guide 2018

    The Relevancy Group analyzes the latest trends in the utilization of AI in marketing and spotlights four vendors that are delivering exciting AI innovations.

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  • The Leading Email Marketing Agencies

    The Relevancy Ring

    Email Agency Buyer's Guide - 2018

    We evaluate five email marketing agencies which includes client interviews and measurable insight into strategy, data management and analytics. The research also documents email agency trends including how marketer's prioritize vendor selection.

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  • AI Can Improve Email Deliverability

    Find Out How

    Are You Ready?

    Based off of new research by The Relevancy Group and sponsored by Return Path we investigate the state of deliverability and how AI can be utilized to optimize inbox placement. We detail the business impact of embracing AI.

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  • Learn About CDP's

    The Relevancy Ring

    CDP Buyer's Guide - 2018

    Published in August 2018, The Relevancy Group analyzes six CDPs (Customer Data Platforms) and documents market trends and mandates on vendor selection. Details on six CDP vendors, including AgilOne, BlueConic, IgnitionOne, Lytics, RedPoint, Tealium.

  • Email Acquisition Trends in 2018

    Email Marketing Acquisition

    2018 Benchmark Report

    Published in July 2018. TRG Benchmark reports review trend analysis of a specific marketing category or tactic. In this instance, email marketing acquisition Subscribe/Buy
  • Improve Deliverability and Revenue

    The Power of Email Verification

    and Multi-Method Hygiene

    In this research, conducted by The Relevancy Group and sponsored by Webbula, we explore the value and power of email verification and multi-method hygiene. Download
  • Optimizing Vendor Selection

    Details on ESP Contracts

    Considerations When Selecting an ESP

    This research analyses contract length of ESPs, incentives for longer vendor relationships and provides a framework to guide vendor selection.

  • Benchmark your email marketing

    Industry specific detail

    with advice on what metrics to focus on

    Understand industry performance, benchmark your measures and focus on the metrics that matter most. Be better, get focused and understand if you are attaining competitor parity.

  • What is Your Innovation Strategy?

    Planning For Marketing Innovation

    A Roadmap to Optmization

    The Relevancy Group explores marketing innovation. Sponsored by Trendline Interactive the research takes a deep dive into innovation budgets, headcount and the process of developing an innovation culture. Free to Download
  • The Digital Magazine for Marketers

    The Marketer Quartlery

    The Fifth Annual ESP Buyer's Guide

    In our 17th issue, The Marketer Quarterly features an excerpt of The Relevancy Group's 5th annual ESP Buyer's Guide. The Relevancy Ring Report gives an overview of the top ESP vendors in 2018. Additional features include A Day in the Life of Frito-Lay's CMO, UGG's Social Media Strategy, Fiji's One Sip Forward Campaign and more.

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  • Where is the Industry Headed in 2018

    State of the Email Marketing Industry

    and Five Tips to Optimize in 2018

    Email marketing is the most widely deployed channel followed by online display advertising in 2018. Mass adoption of email marketing underscores the need to use relevant targeting to cut through the competitive clutter.  Learn More
  • Is Your Email Marketing Mobile Ready?

    Email Marketing Mobile Readiness in 2018

    See How You Measure Up

    In Q4 of 2017, The Relevancy Group (TRG) conducted research on the mobile usage, preferences, and habits of over a thousand U.S. consumers.  The research also utilized TRG executive surveys from 2017 and a questionnaire that captured the mobile capabilities from the ten leading Email/Everychannel Service Providers (ESPs). Sponsored by Branch, BrightWave and Moloco. Free with Registration
  • Mobile and Smartphone Behaviors

    The Consumer Companion

    The Implications of Mobile and Smartphone Ubiquity - 2018

    This study documents consumer mobile phone and tablet behaviors and attitudes. Eighty-six percent of U.S. consumers have a smartphone, making it a key channel for interactivity. About one quarter of U.S. say that they “cannot be without” their smartphone and that they sleep with it.

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  • Inbox Evolution

    Consumer Email Marketing

    Trends and Behaviors

    Published January 2018. The Relevancy Group surveyed 1,011 consumers in November 2017 and found that 93 percent of U.S. consumers check their email daily.

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  • The Digital Magazine for Marketers

    The Marketer Quarterly

    The Third Annual MQ Awards

    In issue 16, we reveal why brick-and-mortar still matters in a digital world, and we explore how Real Media is focusing on storytelling to stand out in an era of endless video. For the main feature, our editorial team rides alongside the CMO of Crunchbase. Read about the best of 2017, The MQ Marketing Awards.

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  • The Interconnected

    Consumer Social Networking

    Trends and Behaviors

    Published January 2018. Consumer social network adoption is high with 82 percent of consumers engaging with Facebook, 53 percent on YouTube and a quarter or more utilizing other networks including Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat. Learn More
  • Access to Answers

    The Relevancy Group Research Subscriber Series

    Original Research

    The Relevancy Group Research Subscriber Series provides an affordable way to purchase a subscription analyst access and a bundle of new market research reports. The 2018 Research Subscriber Series features 28 original reports across multiple topics and industries. Subscribe and Save.

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  • The Value of Personalization

    Consumers demand a personalized experience

    How do you measure up?

    Nearly half of organizations are utilizing personalization across their website, display targeting, social and email marketing efforts. Beyond the quality of goods and price, 47 percent (47%) of consumers cite the customer experience as the driver of which brands they decide to purchase from. Fifty-five percent (55%) of consumers state that they like email marketing offers which include relevant products and offers.

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  • Email Marketing Retargeting

    Martech Innovator


    A Martech innovator is a vendor that has demonstrated a fresh approach to a common marketer challenge and has done so with such innovation and clarity to deliver business results. Based on hundreds of annual briefings, The Relevancy Group collectively recognizes Martech and Adtech innovators every year.

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  • Mobile Applications

    Understanding The Maturity of Apps

    And why it is important

    This research by expert Joe Laszlo explores the adoption of mobile apps by marketers and provides an in depth look at the challenges, efficacy and aspirations of mobile app marketing.  It is essential for anyone contemplating a mobile app.

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  • Email Marketing Acquisition

    2017 Benchmark Report

    How do you compare?

    TRG Benchmark reports review trend analysis of a specific marketing category or tactic. In this instance, email marketing acquisition. The report provides growth goals, budgets, tactics, challenges and efficacy. Benchmark today.

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  • Understanding Identity Management

    Hybrid Ways? ... Problestic or Deterministic

    Which is your path?

    What is going on with Identity Management? Here we explore the adoption of Identity Management and the various methods that are neede to market at the individual, People-based Marketing level.

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  • New Research

    Research Proves Value

    Be a smarter marketer

    We have documented the ROI from email inbox placement to People Based Marketing, the utilization of agency services and engaging acquistion tactics.

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  • New Research

    The End of Last Click

    An Examination of Attribution

    Published in March 2017, we take an extensive look at attribution methods and reveal measurement tactics worked in 2016 and those needing updates in 2017. Get It Now
  • New Research

    The Future of Relevance

    Value of Precision People-Based Marketing

    The future of relevance that leverages past CRM and contextual targeting tactics to deliver true individual level targeting known as People-Based Marketing. 

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