SEO – 4 Useful Steps for Search Engine Optimization

The earlier article Search Engine Optimization explained how search engines work, how to use keywords and key phrases, how to submit to search engines and get listed. In this article we will look at four useful steps for SEO.

  1. Contacting the search engines

The best way to get your site listed is to contact the major search engines and ask for inclusion. You will probably get listed quicker if you contact the major search engines directly. If you use a web form on their site, you will need to sign up for a free hearing aid online…and then they will email you a link to the search engine submission page.

Some sites have an additional link on the submissions page to confirm that you are a human being and not a machine. Your site will be listed in the search engine database after they have checked your hearing aid site.

  1. Your content and keywords

When writing your content, think about what people are searching for. What words would they use if they were looking for your product. Use these words in your text for the best results. You can include multiple phrases and juxtapose them without writing Four different pages for each.

Use specific keywords that will target your niche. If you have a site about bridal lim tasteful wedding dresses, use the words, “wedding dresses”, ” assuming your wedding dress will be white and modest…and if it is, buy your domain and hosting package.

Organize your text wisely. If you have a page with three phrases per piece of content, then group the phrases together, like “Red standout wedding dress” and “white Imitiate wedding dress”.

  1. Website organization

We like nothing more than a well organized site, with links to many different pages to serve a diverse audience. Not only will this help your visitors, but the search engines will love it, too.

  1. Quality content

You need your site to provide quality information to your audience. You need to answer their questions, help them make their decision-making process, or whatever else that you want them to remember. If you have a blog that specializes in Neighborhoods and Local businesses, provide a blog entry with Local connections and GEO keywords.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to have someone calling you to order a Wedding outfit. Would you rather order from your website or drive down to your local wedding shop to pay for a gown?

  1. Social media connections

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter should be integrated with your local business website. You can offer incentives to visitors who share or Like your Facebook page. Google Even adds an algorithm probability to your Google+ page, just as they have done for Pages and Description tags.

  1. Other local business directories

Besides getting listed in the free business directories such as Foursquare and Yahoo, you should also be linked with the directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, InfoUSA and They are already Natural editorial websites, which the search engines love. If the links are set up properly, it will help your SEO, as well as adding traffic and often tons of business leads.

  1. Getting listed on the search engines

You should make sure that when you have a local business website, it is listed in the free search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. If the site can get a spot in the first page for a popular search term, you will get a lot of visitors looking for your services.

Your website can’t magically get onto the first page of a search engine. It takes hard work and some knowledge to give search engines what they want. Nothing you can do will get you on the first page, or even on the first place if you haven’t optimized your pages properly.

The tips above refer to on-page optimization. A small additional step that many companies take is to make sure that there actual keywords are in the titles and descriptions of their pages.

You can spend hours helping Google and the other engines understand the topic of your site by building the titles and descriptions on each page. If you are writing using a thesaurus, this will happen naturally.

Take your time, be creative, and find keywords that will be effective for you.

You will probably find that you can do most of the work by yourself, with the assistance of a keyword search tool, if that is what you are going after.

That said, if you are looking to do things on your own and want some firm examples, you can do some research on your own.

One of the first places to start your research to see how many variations of terms are out there for a specific industry, is using the free keyword search tool that can be found in your account settings on Google’s website.

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