The State of Email Marketing in the Retail Industry – 2018

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    Written by David Daniels with Nicholas Einstein Email Marketing, Everychannel Marketing, Retail, eCommerce, Targeting, Real-Time Data, Industry Analysis

    About: Published on 4/10/18, The Relevancy Group analyzes the state of email marketing in the retail industry. This research investigates the 2018 aspirations, challenges and tactics of retail marketers. Additionally, we review what retailers look for in an email marketing vendor and what is most important in their selection process.

    Key Questions:

    What are the email marketing challenges and aspirations of retail marketers?
    What is most important to retailers when selecting email marketing technology and services?
    What are the tactics that most retail email marketers embrace and what optimization opportunities are they missing?

    Report Excerpt:
    Understanding the Retail Email Marketer in 2018
    Email marketing continues to be an indispensable channel for retail marketers - it is the top channel utilized. Sixty-seven percent of retailers use email marketing, followed by print direct marketing (56 percent) and Facebook advertising (48 percent). Retail marketers send 37.4 million email messages a month second only to financial services companies that send 49 million a month. Their mean customer database size is 13.31 million records, indicating that they are mailing their customers on average nearly three times per month. Retail marketers dedicate almost one-third of their overall marketing budget to email marketing (Figure 1). 

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