Outsourcing Marketing Analytics: Leveraging Big Marketing Data

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    Written by David Daniels with Chris Marriott Analytics, Big Data, Marketing, Omnichannel

    This research study explores the notion of outsourcing marketing analytics versus stitching it together internally. Marketing objectives remain fragmented, channels operate independently of one another, and the ability to determine the value of a customer remains an aspiration in most organizations. Thus, while the value of marketing analytics across channels is acknowledged as a key driver of smarter customer engagement, organizations struggle to manage this in-house. Those who attempt in-house omnichannel marketing are often frustrated with the disappointing ROI (Return on Investment). This internal fatigue presents a growing opportunity for outsourced marketing analytics solutions to help organizations bring disparate channel data together into a single solution. Companies are increasingly seeking cloud based solutions to lower marketing costs and improve customer experience and engagement. Published September 2013. Paper length: 12 pages, 12 graphics.

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