Planning for Marketing Innovation

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    Written by David Daniels and Nicholas Einstein Trendline Interactive, Marketing, Innovation, Email Marketing, ROI, Optimization, Real-Time, Personalization

    About: Published in March 2018, The Relevancy Group explores marketing innovation. Sponsored by Trendline Interactive the research takes a deep dive into innovation budgets, headcount and the process of developing an innovation culture.

    Key Questions

    How do marketers determine which innovations to implement?
    What budget and headcount are being set aside for marketing innovation?
    What importance do marketers place on innovation?
    What are the top innovations that marketers plan to implement in the next 12 months?
    How should brands be planning, deploying, and measuring marketing innovations?

    Report Excerpt

    Real-Time Data, Machine Learning and Content Optimization Top Planned Innovations
    When asked to select the planned innovations to email marketing efforts in the next 12 months, marketers topped the list with real-time data, machine learning and responsive design mobile ready layouts (Figure 3). While many of these innovations have been shown to deliver improvements in email engagement, they may not be appropriate for every email marketer. Given the massive adoption of mobile email, investing in responsive mobile-ready designs should not be considered innovation, instead a table stakes methodology to gain competitive parity. Items such as testing and basic personalization are not innovations, but rather catch-up. Other advancements in email marketing such as machine learning, real-time data and unifying the customer experience across digital channels are considered innovation but come at a significant cost. Often these elements require investment in additional labor, services and new data management and measurement paradigms. Venturing into innovation should not be attempted without a methodology to evaluate innovation.

    The Research: 8 Pages, 5 Graphics, 2385 words.

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